What do we offer?

Are you ready to get serious about training at your fire department? If so you have come to the right place. FD Training has the solution for those who can not make training and for those who want more than just the few times a month.  We offer the foundation which you can build and make work for your department. There are pre-designed classes or you can design your own and use your own materials.  Your fire department will now have the ability to let the members train whenever or wherever they want.  All the classes can be completed on everything from a desktop to a Tablet or even a cell phone making it easy for anybody to train no matter the time.

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Use any device that connects to the internet.

Website Hosting

 Now we offer the ability to host your fire departments public web page along with your departments training site.  We will also help with setting up department emails for qualifying departments (Must hold current 501(c)(3) status, as determined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service). The email accounts are provided by gmail. Click HERE to view the demo site.

For more info about hosting your website with use click HERE


Training Uses

Need a better way to distribute and monitor training?

Want to know if your members are understanding the materials? How about a quiz. We can do that.

Want to start a self study program to let your members better their education?

No more papers to loose because its stored on our servers.  Easily accessible anytime you want it.


Take a look at our demo site and see what you think.

 Click HERE for the demo site.